And why not? Who says it's not possible to express character and personality through a small detail like... a shoelace?

With nice shoelaces, we can tell a lot about our personality, we can say: “here I am and this is my style!” We can give character to a shoe, colour our steps, expressing our way of being in a small detail that makes us different from others, which singles us out.

No one is unaware that the biggest trend in fashion and accessories at the moment is the one that allows customers the ability to customize the product they purchase. Even some major brands have enabled their websites so that users can make the product to their taste and measure, to express their creativity with what they are going to buy.

Basically, we are talking about a certain "escape" to the drag of globalization, in times when it seems that we are all going to dress in "uniform", in the sense that we end up buying very similar clothes, with a limited color palette, following the dictates of the multinationals of the sector, which change the direction of fashion every three months, or of the newcomers influencers.

But there are those who want to express their personality in the way they dress, resorting to the personalization of their clothing and accessories. We could say that, in fact, the current trend is towards personal rather than global experience, to want to be oneself rather than to be someone else, although it is a difficult struggle in a very globalized society model and influenced by the media and social networks.

Some do it in a strident way, to make it clear and more than evident that they want to highlight some feature of their personality, like a scream in the silence. Others, on the other hand, express their character with small flashes that can only be appreciated by those who pay attention to details, a bracelet, a few buttons, a scarf, a pair of shoelaces.

sliwils laces

That is to say Sliwils are those details that make us different, that without stridency, allow us to express ourselves in a fun, elegant, romantic, youthful, daring way... whatever our feeling or our style is at any given moment.

Because everyone is unique and special, because everyone feels and expresses themselves differently, there are sure to be sliwils for you.

Find them and set your style!

sliwils shoelaces