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Tie-Dye Laces

Your screen is not broken, it's faded laces

Did you know that many of humanity's discoveries were made as a filly? Champagne, matches, penicillin, Viagra... Tie-dye was the same, when someone, centuries ago, must have dropped a dyed garment into a bucket of bleach and, BOOM!, disgust and print new that raised you.

Yes, tie-dye is older than Methuselah, although it was the hippies who made it fashionable in the 60s and 70s.

Now you can also show it off on your sneakers with these tie-dye laces, it doesn't matter if you're a ragged tree-hugger or an office worker duller than an annual sales report.

That's the beautiful thing, that very different people can put on some Sliwils and look a little more alike, like good brothers and children of the Pachamama that we all are.

What are Sliwils?

Sliwils are round, thick cords made on the bias , a type of cut that gives them resistance and a certain elasticity. They are designed to be used as laces for any type of footwear, for glasses, as a belt, wherever you want to wear them.

Like the rest of the collections, the tie-dye laces are available in three different sizes : 90 cm , for 4/5 eyelets, 120 cm , for 5/7 eyelets, and 140 cm , for 7/9 eyelets.

In addition, they are manufactured in Spain , which means that, you are  supporting national production, shipping is free in the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands. Don't waste your time searching on Amazon: we only sell them here, in our official store.

The best sellers, there must be a reason...

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