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Metallic Laces

Metallic laces, the podium of style

They have always told us that gold belongs to the rich, that silver belongs to the poor and that bronze belongs to those who steal copper (well, and I love them and I can't, since they wear gold-plated silver).

A classist vision of society that we want to break with in Sliwils . And how? Giving everyone the same price!

The gold laces, the silver laces and the tan laces... all at €15, which is why we make them in Spain and not on the other side of the world. Choose your metallic laces for your sneakers (we won't tell you anything if you wear them around your neck too) and leave them all in stone with your style.

Yes, you can have class without being classist.

(By the way, all three are top sellers, there may be a reason).

Who are we at Sliwils?

At Sliwils we left Law in 4th grade to dedicate ourselves to making laces . That? Seriously... But they are not just any laces, but round and thick laces made on the bias, a type of cut that gives them resistance and a certain elasticity.

These metallic laces are available in three lengths : 90 cm , for 4/5 eyelets, 120 cm , for 5/7 eyelets, and 140 cm , for 7/9 eyelets.

We have already said that we manufacture them in Spain , but not that shipping is free in the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands from the second pair onwards . Ah! Don't waste your time searching on Amazon: we only sell them here, in our official (and only) store.

Los más vendidos, por algo será...

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