“Laces are my life” , a phrase that perhaps no one has ever said outside of our warehouse (and maybe not inside either), but that has all the value in the world. Laces give security, confidence and self-esteem , while protecting, helping and improving any look . Are they vital or not? Well that. We don't expect anyone to take the phrase at the head of this paragraph with fire, but we do expect them to take it more seriously.

If we are clear about one thing at Sliwils, it is that there are as many types of laces as you can imagine . The classification opens with a classic division, to little by little go through the infinite examples that you can find. And don't panic, we'll invent the ones you can't find!

Flat Laces vs Round Laces

Black or white, yin or yang, the Madrid - Barça of the laces. Speaking of football, we will say that flat laces are the predominant ones in sports shoes . Also classic street shoes, sneakers, tennis shoes or t-shirts . In short, in their practicality and simplicity they are a good solution.

Round laces are another story, they are the older brother of the flat. The one who has grown, matured and already plays in the senior league (last football simile, we promise). Used in the same way in casual footwear, they are however considered a more elegant and distinguished piece .

Sneaker Laces vs Shoe Laces

Going over the previous lesson and to consolidate knowledge (Sliwils, design and teach), we will make it clear that sports footwear requires a lace that is easy to tie, comfortable and elastic . As for the shoe , style, taste and grace rule more when it comes to showing off a very cool model .

That's the norm. And what are the rules for? To skip them! Well, the traffic rules are respected, but those that recommend one lace or another depending on the type of footwear, we skip over them.

Plain Laces vs Patterned Laces

The smooth cord is there for whoever wants it. Perfect, good vibes. In fact, it has always been there. Until recently there was no alternative, we lived under the yoke of the plain, monochrome cord... Society could not conceive of any other option as it could not have access to it. The few attempts to decorate the cord, add fantasy to it, were seen with bad eyes.

Today, luckily, everything has changed. The revolution has reached the cordon. At Sliwils we have opened up an infinite range of possibilities, embracing this new world with all our might and designing as many printed laces as there are styles . Where is the end? The fact that? We, like the fans of Los Serrano , do not want to think about the end.

Converse with original and printed laces

Boring Laces vs Sliwils Laces

It is now becoming clear that the types of cords also distinguish two types of people. Those who greet neighbors in the doorway or those who run when they see one so they can take the elevator alone. Those who have continued listening to the same singer-songwriter for 25 years or those who have opened up to trap . Those with blankets and movies until August or those who improvise a plan depending on the wind blows.

There are times for everything, just as now there are cords for everything. Sliwils are the most coiled laces for Converse or Adidas . But be careful! That we do not impose: you can also use them to decorate your hair, to wear them on your belt loops as a belt or keychain, for your glasses ...

Take a look at our complete catalog HERE , put them on or put them on, and get busy!