At Sliwils we speak... as we speak. They can call us ironic, quirky and even irreverent. The truth is that this does not particularly stop us from sleeping, but today we are going to put aside the mask and get serious for the first time: the reason is worth it.

A few weeks ago, we decided to collaborate with AMPANS, a foundation created in Manresa (Barcelona), which is exactly where we produce our printed laces . This foundation was born in 1965 to accompany people who have intellectual disabilities and other people at risk of social exclusion.

The main reason for being AMPANS is to protect and vindicate the rights of people who are in vulnerable situations. Make visible, care and fight being the engine that makes life projects come true.

The tasks carried out by the AMPANS foundation are many, from assistance to accompaniment at an educational or residential level, through scientific dissemination tasks, advice and support for families, or job placement projects in different fields. The objective is to move towards the full social inclusion of these people.

Service to the industry is just one of the many strengths of this foundation. Their entrepreneurial power has led them to collaborate with companies of all kinds, to create their own wine or cheese brands and even to open their own restaurant. For AMPANS there is no impossible mission or challenge that can be resisted.

At Sliwils we wanted to support, and we will continue to do so, the beautiful work that AMPANS has been developing for almost six decades.

Therefore, we decided to have the people they help make and place the terminal of our cords, at the AMPANS facilities in Manresa. In addition to the terminals, they also participated in the packaging task. Thus, it is more than likely that some of your Sliwils bear the AMPANS signature, a seal of the best quality, both professional and human.

At Sliwils we are passionate about work, but much more about life.

The result of this collaboration, which will surely be repeated in the future, was most satisfactory for everyone. It was not a question of productivity, much less money: the affection and smile of these people is our greatest reward.

If you want to know more about AMPANS, visit their website here .