Tell me how you tie your shoelaces and I'll tell you who you are

Now that the times are long gone when it was our parents who did it, we can now tie our shoelaces in an original and fun way that brings out our personality wherever we put our feet.

There are many original ways of tying shoelaces, all of them equally valid. Not forgetting that the shoelaces themselves are also fashion accessories that finish off the look that defines us.

The following are some original ways to wear the shoelaces of your sneakers, but of course, let your imagination run wild and create your own!

The most original ways of tying your shoelaces

Straight style

This is the easiest way of tying our shoelaces. It's called like that because the lace goes through the pairs of eyelets, remaining straight and centred.


Tying your shoelaces straight, an original way to tie your shoes


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Crossover style

The crossover style is a very original way of tying shoelaces. The lace forms a cross or an "X" from the upper eyelets to the opposite lower eyelets.

Cross-tie shoelaces

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Net style

This is a slightly more difficult way of tying the shoelaces, but the result is very attractive. The lace forms a kind of net in the middle of the eyelets.

Tying your shoelaces in an original and fun net style


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Staircase style

A method that offers a lot of stability and makes a difference. The cord runs from the lower eyelets to the corresponding upper eyelets, passing through a straight line through the middle eyelets.

Original ways to tie ladder style shoelaces


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One-handed style

This simple and original way of tying the shoelaces consists of passing the lace through the pairs of eyelets and going up through the opposite eyelet. Thus, we obtain a kind of zigzag and then tie the knot halfway up the shoe.

Original ways to tie your shoelaces one hand style

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The funniest laces to tie your trainers in style

Can you imagine tying your sneakers in one of these original shapes... with laces that don't show? It wouldn't have the same effect. That's why, in addition to the type of knot, you have to choose the right laces. And that's exactly what we propose with Sliwils shoelaces.

Coloured, striped, with squares, with flowers, with fruits... Bring out your inner world by wearing print shoelaces with the design that defines you!

Do you dare to be original?