At Sliwils there are no pay gaps of any kind. Here the person responsible for digital marketing earns the same as the janitor, who for that purpose have the same level of education. But there is a gap in another aspect, a barrier that not even the Game of Thrones wall: the linguistic gap between generation Z and millennials , not to mention the 3 or 4 accounting fossils.

Language evolves, new forms and new meanings emerge (this is the only thing I learned in college), and it is very distinctive of the era to which one belongs. Be careful, we are not saying that excessive use of social networks atrophies the brains of young people, that it does too. Nor are we saying that we are two news programs away from a prostate checkup or menopause hot flashes, that too.

Be that as it may, this post is to iron out the linguistic rough edges that arise at meal time . Especially so that, if any of these smartasses think of insulting us in their jargon, thinking that we will be left with the face of a hare that you give up, they know that they will get the settlement before we get to dessert.

So, get your bearings…

1. PEC

We are not here to judge each person's sexual preferences, but, of all the life of God, inserting something up the rectum is not pleasant . At least, without a movie and a dinner first.

Hence, from millennials on up, something that “gets you in the ass” or saying that “you put something up your ass” refers to something annoying, annoying, annoying, or even an insult. For example, “Writing a post about words that I don't even understand bothers me” or “You're putting your settlement up your ass, boss.” The euphemism “wherever it fits” is also accepted, each with their own dilatory capacities.

Well, PEC, an acronym for “up the ass,” means the opposite. Generation Z puts practically everything into their rectum, without movies, dinner or poppers, as long as it's something they fucking love.

2. Literal

An expression that bothers me the most personally. “Literal”, in the literal sense, means according to the letter, in an exact and proper sense, not figuratively . For example, “They have literally screwed me up the ass” means that they have done the inevitable prostate checkup.

But no, Z guys, you can NOT use “literal” to say “I literally arrived at 10 in the morning”, “I am literally 30 years old” or “Buff, I am literally dead”. Don't worry, the day you are literally dead you will realize it.

3. Bro

A very widespread expression among the “visionaries” of cryptocurrencies, or cryptobros. “Bro” is nothing more than a nickname, a way to get someone's attention , directly taken from English. Instead, “uncle, aunt, friend, friend, colleague, compadre, boy, girl…” and the forms specific to each region of Spain could be used.

The problem is that these nicknames are not familiar enough for Generation Z, so “bro” is the one they stick the most in the ass. Just where they could insert it, literally.


Do you remember when the first CD player with random mode arrived at home? A bit the same dates when cell phones were used to talk on the phone and play Snake if you were lucky enough to own a Nokia. “Random” means that, “random”, an order set at random.

The Z, although they use it literally (good), apply it when something happens without much explanation or apparent reason . For example, “We were in a random bar”, “It was a random plan” or “I live with random people”. We millennials would say: “We were in a random bar”, “It was an improvised plan” and “I live with my parents”.

5. Sim

“Simp” is an anglicism that means “silly.” Of course, using words in English when there is a perfectly valid one in Spanish cannot be forgiven by God. It will be marketing things.

But Generation Z extends the meaning to define a person, usually a man, who strives to impress a girl without any interest in him and leaving aside his personal needs. Come on, the usual “ pagantaste ” or “ panty ironer ”. But let's not be cruel, we were all young, romantic and stupid. Fools above all.

Young Z using the mobile


We continue with another English acronym, Greatest of all time . It applies to the person who excels in some activity or field , especially in things that are very Generation Z like video games, making literally random plans, getting offended by everything, or being subnormal on Tik Tok. It is the equivalent of “fucking master” in the millennial vocabulary , only we have a sense of our own and other people's lache.

7. Funar

The truth is that “funar” is included in the dictionary of Americanisms as “Organize public acts of denunciation against organizations or people related to acts of repression in front of their headquarters or home” (Chile). Once again, the Z are smart and have not invented anything. All good, let's continue.

Starting from the definition from before, they use “funar” in a broader sense as “ defame ”, “ discredit ”, “ give ass ” millennially speaking, with the aim of making someone lose followers on social networks and making them less GOAT.

8. Serve pussy

Has it become clear to you that fucking now is PEC? Well, we continue with something similar.

If “being a pain” among us means something that gives you the ass, the Z apply “serving pussy” to the divas that reflect an aspect not only feminine, but also of women's empowerment .

Yes, the same “feminist” divas who fight against patriarchy by monetizing their semi-nude on networks and have never heard of Rosa Luxemburg, Simone de Beauvoir, Virginia Woolf, Clara Campoamor or Angela Davis in their lives. They did serve real pussy, and without Instagram.

9. Wokes

For the umpteenth time, it comes from the English “awake.” How to explain it… On the one hand, there are people on the left, ok; Well beyond there are the “wokes”.

This split on the left and beyond is made up of “deconstructed” people , those who support censoring the opinion of the 99% so that the 1% don't feel offended (you know, you can't make jokes about bald people if you're not bald, and similar).

They are, for example, those who affirm that animals are the new children and that plants are the new pets, literally. Or those who believe that the future is to be polyamorous, all sitting around a fire and singing surrounded by animals, forgetting that this already happened. In the time of the caves.

10. Vibes

“Vibras” is another consequence of a certain book where it was said that, if we think good things, nothing happens to us, if we think bad things, worse things happen to us. Well, it is seen that now human beings are a kind of transistors that can vibrate high or low, depending on God's wishes.

Having “good vibes” means, ultimately, having good vibes, transmitting good feelings . On the contrary, if you have “bad vibes” it means that you transmit distrust to that generation Z. Or worse, that you are a boomer.

11. “Ok, boomer”

Generation Z rarely swears because they are in the process of deconstruction. Therefore, the most hurtful thing a Z can throw in your face is “Ok, boomer”, an expression with which they try to denounce your stereotypical attitude against them .

For example, if you tell them “Study to build a future for yourself,” “Your dog is not your child,” or “Don't take a selfie at the mouth of that erupting volcano,” they will most likely respond with “Ok.” , boomer.” But don't feel offended, it's advice you give them for them. And above all for you.

12. Be in your prime

This expression is the Zenil equivalent of “ being at your best ”, a kind of mental state in which you are connected with yourself and are able to offer your maximum potential.

The latter sounds a bit like the sect of mindfulness (another very generation Z thing), those who sell you accepting present things as they are and without judging, like paying more than a thousand euros in rent for a beautiful cell with a separate bathroom in Madrid or Barcelona. Na, na, you don't need to talk about speculation, political corruption or communism or freedom. Put on mindfulness and survive like this, bro. It will always be better than dying.

By the way, Mr. Bezos, if you're not already using “Are you on your Prime?” as a hook to subscribe to Amazon, stop by our basement and we'll talk.

What unites the Z, the millennials, the X and, if you press, the baby-boomers?

There are three things that every person must do in this life: have a book, write a tree and plant a child... Well, whatever, but those are long-term things. On the other hand, there are those that we must do every day: eat, sleep and get dressed (there is another one, but we are simps ).

In addition to spending our salary on Fanta Zero and scented clinics, at Sliwils we are the GOATs in one of them, and that is in the third . That is, in fashion, not in dressing, even an Alpha generation that has at least one arm does that. And we dedicate ourselves to an essential part of the outfit that is always forgotten: the laces .

Yes, yes, laces are another accessory, like sneakers, bags, jewelry or glasses without prescription.

Let's see, if you change your clothes every day (except in winter), why don't you also change your laces? Yes, it's a lazy thing , but with the mindfulness chip you will do it without even realizing it, bro.

If no one says PEC to your look or if you are literally bored with it, Sliwils.
If you have tried random things or they work for you because of how you dress, Sliwils
If you want to be the GOAT or be in your prime clothing, Sliwils.
If you think that the "wokes" are a bunch of self-conscious traumatists, always Sliwils .

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Laces with fun and original prints for sneakers

(Warning, Sliwils don't stop you from being a slob. I'M NOT YOUR FATHER, but I'll give you the best advice I can as a janitor with a Ph.D. in the School of Life : it's too short to waste on toxic people.) mass)

How do you know if you are a baby-boomer, millennial or generation Z?

  • If you start walking with your hands crossed behind your back or utter phrases like “What do you do at night that you can't do during the day?”, you are a baby-boomer.
  • If you were depressed when that very nice police officer told you that you already renew your DNI every ten years, you are a millennial.
  • If you continue to believe those who sell you on IG their method to earn €500 a day and are such good people that they are going to tell you, you are stupid. Oh, and generation Z too.

PS: Do you think that with this post we have thrown beef at the Z? Well, Jesus will punish us and we will write another one about baby-boomer words, so we will earn the hate of another generation.