In the universe there are two absolute rules: that matter cannot arise from nothing and that all gods like music. And by “all god” we mean the entire world of the totality. Even our grandmother started dancing in her wheelchair at Christmas, when she knocked over half a bottle of "Anís del Mono" (the smoke that formed the next day, when we incinerated her... Have you seen Chernobyl ?).

Music is the language in which the gods communicate with humans, the vehicle to detach and elevate our spirit from this material and decrepit shell called the body, the… Well, you get it.

As music lovers (music lovers, for those of Tik-Tok), we really wanted to talk about the best-known styles of music in the world, analyzing them from the impartial vision (impartial, for those of Tik-Tok) that characterizes us in Sliwils.


Indie , or “independent”, is not a musical style in itself: it is the bag into which all alternative music is put, which moves far from the circles of labels and record companies. Saying that you have an indie band is better than saying that you are starving people who can't even buy proper instruments.

The paradox is that the indie fan is one of those who goes to a Starbucks, with an oatmeal “milk” coffee and a blue muffin for €20. He also sings aloud because he confuses “independent” with “mainstream”, and you are not “cool” enough if you have not heard of groups that, PRECISELY, you do not know because they are INDEPENDENT.

In short, indie is a musical mixed bag that gains fans with the speed at which its groups disappear when they attend big festivals.


After indie , we have ska , born in the 50s-60s from the fusion of African-American music and Caribbean rhythms. By the way, this style is a precursor to another well-known one, reggae , only without homophobic lyrics.

The clothing of ska followers usually has black and white elements, as a symbol of anti-racism. In ska the only color that matters is the lining of the bomber jacket, especially orange...

This style of music is closely linked to people politically on the left, those who read Marx or Bakunin but do not remove the password from the wifi in the little chalet in Galapagar. Possibly one of the best-known ska groups in Spain is Ska-P, whom yours truly saw once for the symbolic price of €50 (okay, it was in Paris, but I... I had an indie band during that Erasmus).

Ska clothing

Electronic music

There are possibly more subgenres of electronic music than there are children of Julio Iglesias. Well, maybe we exaggerated a little.

Electronics include break-beat, techno, house, dance, drum and bass, electro … All gathered under the concepts “bacalao”, “maquineo”, “chunda-chunda”, “chimpún-chimpún” and other onomatopoeias with Ch -.

This style of music has brought together people of diverse types and social classes, from the break-beat and fountain chavs in the park, to the posh children who go to the top clubs for house music, paying €30 for a little bottle of water. More or less the price of what a liter of olive oil costs today due to lack of rain.


When you go "pop", there's no more... Sorry, sorry. It won't happen again. Let's get into trouble.

In the middle of the 20th century, a style arrived from the United States and England that, with apparent ease, would make us all move our bones to this day. Well, until the day reggaeton arrived, but we'll talk about that later.

Yes, from the US and the United Kingdom, except for gastronomy, geopolitics and savage capitalism, only good things have come to us. What would we do without the Beatles? Let's see, we would do the same thing as now, but it's the Beatles. The Liverpool 4. John and the others. The beetles. By the way, are the Beatles fans who fawn over them dung beetles?

Even so, pop music is probably the most unfairly maligned genre. Related to the purely commercial, its value has always been reduced to jokes and ridicule. It is linked to “mainstream” radio stations that broadcast music like someone throwing feed on a macro farm. A cholon.

And here we are going to break a spear in favor of pop , since without it we would have missed GROUPS OF MUSIC like: Iguana Tango, Pignoise, El Sueño de Morfeo, Guaraná, La Caja de Pandora or Melón Diesel.


Jazz is not a style of music, jazz is a lifestyle.” This and other crazy phrases could be easily uttered by a lover of the genre. But jazz is not only made of pedants, fortunately, because to appreciate it it is enough to have taste, sensitivity and a certain intellectual restlessness. A certain intellectual restlessness means that you can enjoy jazz even if you are choking on the 4th grade of high school. No pressure.

It was born at the end of the 19th century in New Orleans, and in a very short time it became a hallmark of African-American culture. Because yes, jazz is a black man's snack. A snack in which swing and improvisation rule, a snack that will surely end in dinner. A snack that everyone would want to be at, except us.


Rap belongs to the underground music genres, like its cousin trap , but with flow . What is flow ?... Do you see what C. Tangana does when he sings? Well, quite the opposite.

One of the rap subgenres that gained the greatest fame was gangsta rap , in which the singers (99% black, 1% Eminem) vacillated from gold jewelry, bugas and/or firearms In da hood . Many rappers of that time tried to imitate them in Spain, except that the first communion badge, the Seat León and the four-fingered knife did not make the same impression.

Not only is rap one of the most played styles of music in the world, but cockfights have also become popular. Hey, those from PACMA who take antibiotics, calm down, they are not real roosters. They are freestylers who, based on rhymes, have to leave their rival at the level of Cuba's GDP. If you want to be the GOAT, please don't rhyme “love” with “pain”: people want verbal blood, not to hear your traumas with your ex.


Although this post is about music, we have to close it with reggaeton, the most “listened to” in Spain. (Warning: absolute hater mode activated, the issue of complaints is handled by our husbands).

Well, we said “listened to” because the official excuse of its defenders is: “Reggaetón is for dancing, not for listening to.” Let's see, boys and girls, one of two: either they are more advanced humans capable of making the auditory nerve send the rhythm and not the lyrics to the brain, or they directly have little brain to send anything to.

Reggaeton is the revenge of our Latin brothers for the atrocities of the Spanish, who return them to us in the form of torture for the eardrums. Columbus could have been standing still, sunk off the Azores, or gone to bloody Antarctica to evangelize penguins. Although who knows if that would have made Latin America conquered by the Italians. Or worse yet, the French.

Hey, this isn't racism, right? That, apart from its people, no good things came from Latin America: potatoes, corn, tomatoes, avocado, chocolate, the coc..ine Latin cuisine in general.

Guys, truly FORGIVE US for what people did to you with whom we have nothing to do. But, please, stop rhymes about “mamita-lechita” and similars, which are not in a cockfight from the Middle Ages.

Anyway, as VOX would say with democracy, we are going to end this...

One music, one style

Music and style of dress have always been closer than two Siamese twins. With just a glance at someone's appearance, you can already guess what their vibe is (yes, we are based on prejudices, but for example we horribly doubt that a choni is a fan of Mozart).

At Sliwils we want you to show your belonging to your musical tribe without fear, with pride, with a pair of printed laces that match the rest of your attire ( outfit , for those of Tik-Tok). So, depending on what makes you move your body...

For those of INDIE

Aren't they the colors of your favorite cupcakes? The poorer, the more delicate.

For those of SKA

In orange we don't have them: the boss will be bald, but he has more brains than all of us combined (literally).

For those of ELECTRONICS

Remember that we are in a drought: do us all a favor and switch to indie.

For those of the POP

Come on, whoever says pop also says the April Fair. Overall, the posture is the same.

For those of JAZZ

Yes, they could be used for ska . Bald man's orders...

For those of RAP

Didn't you want a "golden cord" to show off with your crew ? Well now you have it.

For those of REGGAETON

🦗... 🦗

Are you looking for some laces for twerking?

Take a look here and tell us what they are, as we DISCONTINUE them right now.

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