At Sliwils we know how to be affectionate, silly or even nerdy . We are not going to demonstrate it in this post, don't worry, it was just information. We advocate affection, contact, touching, rubbing ... We like friction more than a Getafe defender. We don't have a middle ground, or verses from Bécquer, or making the headboard of the bed rattle as if it were spinning an old washing machine. It's obvious that it's Valentine's Day and we're feeling romantic.

To commemorate the date on which your partner intends to renew your love with a voucher for a random activity that will take place on an unspecified date in 2025, we bring you a list of romantic comedy classics .

Masterpieces of laughter and love, authentic gems, funny and sensitive, films that left their mark. And our favorites, what the hell, we wrote the post for a reason. Write one yourself and put yours if you don't like these.

Don't do it, you'll like it. Trust us. Keep reading and then tell us. It is a saying, it is not literal. Don't tell us anything. We don't know you. Enough.

Here you go: the best romantic sitcoms to watch for Valentine's Day .

1. In skirts already crazy (Billy Wilder, 1959)

We start off strong, since this movie is for many the best comedy of all time . Yes, ahead of Camp Flipy. And, in addition to having a crazy and very very funny plot, it has a trio of super luxury protagonists: Jack Lemmon, Tony Curtis and Marilyn Monroe . The national equivalent would be: Dani Rovira, Miguel Ángel Silvestre and Blanca Suárez. This information will help you give even more value to Billy Wilder's film.

With skirts and crazy tells the story of two musicians who end up disguised as women to save their lives while escaping from a group of gangsters. This crazy outburst is just the beginning of a series of troubles from which not only one love story, but two, will emerge.

2. Something's up with Mary (Peter and Bobby Farrelly, 1998)

something happens with Mary

There are several images from this film that have remained in the collective imagination and that is, without a doubt, indicative of the quality of this very hooligan comedy by the Farrelly brothers . From Mary's ( Cameron Díaz ) consistent bangs to the untimely fatality that a young Ted ( Ben Stiller ) suffers in the bathroom.

There's Something About Mary was a precursor to excessive, self-conscious and, above all, hilarious comedy cinema. It is the story of an obsession, Ted's with Mary, his teenage love. The first hires a detective to spy on her and discover what has become of her after years without seeing each other. Everything that happens next goes wrong, therefore right.

3. Eight Basque surnames (Emilio Martínez-Lázaro, 2014)

eight Basque surnames

The most watched Spanish film in history could not be missing, since it is also a very good romantic comedy. Eight Basque surnames is a story told a thousand times that convinced the public thanks to an outstanding cast and a humorous script full of absurd and confusing situations. Dani Rovira 's character (a posh Sevillian) posed as Basque to conquer Clara Lago 's character and, incidentally, a demanding father-in-law ( Karra Elejalde ). And the always wonderful Carmen Machi was also there.

After the success of this first film, the cast was convinced/laid with money to make the sequel: Eight Catalan Surnames . And recently Eight Moroccan surnames have jumped on the bandwagon, which no longer has anything to do with the previous ones, but which has carried out a marketing maneuver that is somewhere between effective and gimmicky.

4. Life is beautiful (Roberto Benigni, 1997)

We get soft talking about this film that, although it offers funny moments, is a good drama. If we carried out a worldwide survey, Life is Beautiful by Roberto Benigni would be chosen as the preferred film by a large majority . This Italian drama tops all the rankings, not in vain it won the Oscar for Best International Film while Benigni won the award for best actor.

Good old Guido (Benigni in the film) invents the escape room concept for his son Giosuè in the context of a Nazi extermination camp in 1945. Generating fantasy and humor in that setting is a genius deserving of all the awards.

5. Virgin at 40 (Judd Apatow, 2005)

We end up with a personal weakness. Next year it will be 20 years old, therefore, we are talking about a classic Yankee comedy film . And yes, like many of the funny movies that the country of Uncle Sam brings us, The 40-Year-Old Virgin also has an easy starting point: a guy who is still a virgin at 40 years old.

But it also has Steve Carell . And we bought everything from the protagonist of The Office . ALL. An ice cream at the north pole, a stove in the desert. If Steve Carell jumps off a cliff... Well, we won't be able to enjoy him anymore as an actor: we're stupid, not assholes.

The succession of situations and gags that lead Andy, the protagonist of this story, to try to sharpen his pencil for the first time in his life are hilarious and work with the precision of a Swiss watch.

Well, there you have it, five movies about love and affairs. YOU ARE WELCOME. Sliwils recommends, entertains and offers you a wide range of laces with original prints to look more than a star of the seventh art.

Have you seen how well we link the topics? It's our thing, we're good at it.

And nothing more, enjoy the movie... and whatever comes up. When we're getting romantic, what better way to finish it than with a good BOWL OF MILK WITH COOKIES BY CANDLE LIGHT. No, it's a joke. Give it your all and don't forget the shoelace box, because tonight you might discover a new use for your Sliwils . We are a scamp...

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