Are you so lazy that you don't know how to spell the word procrastinate? Is your laziness so much that you are not even going to check that we have written it wrong? What you feel is not obsession, it is procRastination . And this post challenges you. Come on, read, don't be lazy...

Laziness is inherent to human beings, we should not be ashamed for feeling this capital sin from time to time . In our daily lives, we all go through moments and circumstances that give us a lot of trouble: enduring a stranger's badge, taking the dog out in the rain or activating the Cl@ve PIN .

Today we bring you a TOP 5 of the things that make you laziest , excluding, of course, writing this post.

1. Get up on a Monday

Getting up on a Monday is very lazy

Well, we upped the bet, getting up on a Monday after a four-day long weekend . Even more so, getting up on a Monday after the December long weekend, with how warm it is in bed making croquette. That's the most Monday of all Mondays. If you have survived it, congratulations.

“Being on Monday” is already a tremendously popular expression and it also exonerates you in situations that in another context would leave you in a worse place than the time when, coordinating the two kisses poorly, you hit your father-in-law:

- 9:23, someone's sheets are stuck...
- I'M ON A MONDAY altogether.

-Dude, you spilled all the coffee on the floor.
-Sorry, I'M ON MONDAY .

-As? Have you peed on the ficus that the director has in his office?
-Yes, terrible, I AM... (FIRED! Don't do that, being on Monday doesn't justify everything.)

2. Put up with your brother-in-law at Christmas

Laziness putting up with the brother-in-law at Christmas

That Christmas dinner , every year's nightmare. That tipsy brother-in-law. That after-dinner meal that feels longer than seven Scorsese movies . Terror is that. Why does he shake you? Why is he talking so close to your face? Why does he tell you how cheap his car was if no one has asked him anything? I really want to say a... verse by Pablo Neruda : “I like it when you keep quiet (we would add 'the big mouth') because I can have dinner in peace.”

The family is not chosen and it shows . Nor are you to blame for your sister's bad taste. You only have one option: hold on . Your mother's monkfish with clams is well worth putting up with your brother-in-law's badge for a while, although there are some antidote phrases to repel his attacks . Here are some examples:

-After the car you'll go get your new hair, right?
-I saw the wine you brought yesterday in the supermarket for €2.
-I have to ask you a favor...

3. Pack your bags

How lazy it is to pack your bags before traveling

Would you give up taking a trip just because you were too lazy to pack a suitcase? Wow, you are premium lazy. It is, without a doubt, the most difficult part of the vacation, but you have to go through it. This advice is useful: DON'T LOAD IT SO MUCH.

Why do you want ten shorts if you're going to be away for three days and you're going to spend them in those lined sweatpants that you're not even going to wear out on underwear? You fit all the clothes you are going to wear in the toiletry bag and you take the suitcase with which you traveled to Japan for a month. A bit of a head, just that.

Reducing the contents of the suitcase will take the weight off the issue (Ba-dam-tss!) and make the task less tedious. Make the process fun and agile, then we arrive at the boarding gate, they check your suitcase in, they charge you a €100 supplement and it's all drama.

4. Prepare the tupperware for the next day

The task that comes with preparing the tuper for the next day

We are barely able to know what we will have for dinner today, to anticipate the next day. And to the other, and to the other, and to the other... Because the tupperware thing is the whiting that bites its tail , a ferris wheel that doesn't stop. The stone ball that chases Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark , that runs after you until it crushes you.

Even if we are little cooks, maintaining a preventive menu calendar is something quite incompatible with life, especially if you are naturally lazy. If you count yourself among the lazy team , you can always cook 35 kg of macaroni with tuna and put it in the freezer . Of course, you must be willing to eat macaroni with tuna every day for the next three months. Either very lazy or very rich. Or both.

5. Change laces

Girl with leopard sliwils on white sneakers

Starting from the basis that there are people who are already too lazy to TIE THEM, we understand that there are also those who postpone the moment of changing them. But wow, it's not changing the Nordic either, that's not because it's lazy: it's basically impossible .

Let's see if you are too lazy to change your laces because you still don't know Sliwils , a complete collection of laces full of fantasy, light and color . A real marvel. And yes, it is wrong for us to say it.

And that's it. That's all…

Let's see, yes, we could continue mentioning things that make us lazy, but we'll leave it for another day . We are tired and it's not going to be all work, because the second breakfast of the day cannot be eaten alone .

Furthermore, we wouldn't want to bore you with a very long post. So nothing, we said goodbye. Until another. Bye bye.

PS: Listen to us, get some Sliwils printed laces and the desire to change them (almost) every day will come by itself . The same ones you'll get this Christmas about telling your sister to find another boyfriend once and for all.