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Vestirse por los pies con cordones originales

Dress by the feet

Don't let the bad tongues get you wrong: dressing by the feet is an expression that's more trashy than the Spanish movies of the 70s.

It was used by men to indicate that they were the ones wearing the pants (another expression, by the way, along the same lines).

We are not going to use "Dressing by the feet" in that pecholobil and Brummel sense, but in its literal sense: dressing starting from the bottom, that is to say, by the feet.

Vestirse por los pies con cordones para bambas

In the years when only men could wear pants, there wasn't much choice when it came to clothing: the same shirt or blouse they sold you in any store, and the same pants or skirt they sold you there as well.

Plain clothes, without grace, more boring than those concerts of Perales where they "showed them off". Fortunately, times have changed in many ways, and the customization of clothing, footwear and accessories is a reality to which we are already accustomed.

Sweatshirts with the image we want, bags with our initials, sneakers in literally any color... Long live the new times!

Vístete por los pies con cordones originales

Custom sneakers are precisely THE accessory to dress up your feet. But with another twist, that accessory can be even more personal.

Have you ever fallen in love with the design of a pair of sneakers... that had the dullest factory shoelaces. That's like putting a Seat Panda engine in a Ferrari. A waste.

At Sliwils we want to give them that (big) boost that your favorite sneakers need to go from the 120 km/h of the Panda to the 300 km/h of the Ferrari. The way? By going one step further and creating shoelaces with designs that will give them the finishing touch: bright laces, bright colors, animal print, polka dots or vichy squares? Your world, your style.

Whatever you are, however you are, dress up your feet with Sliwils printed shoelaces and be the one who wears the pants! (Or the skirt, or whatever you feel like wearing).

Discover below the laces that will dress up your sneakers!

Cordones dorados brillantes para adornar tus bambas

Take your feet to the podium

The golden shoelaces are at the top of the MANHATTAN collection.

There is no first without a second

For that reason, silver shoelaces are just as important (if not more) than gold ones.<

Cordones amarillo flúor para vestirse por los pies

A lot of color?

If you dress up your feet with phosphorescent yellow shoelaces, the last thing you'll do is go unnoticed. But that's just what you want, isn't it?

Vístete por los pies con cordones leopardo

The most underground

This print is the alternative classic. You can now wear it on your feet with your new leopard print sholeaces.

Vestirse los pies con cordones cebra

Take your feet off the plate

At feet dressed in zebra print shoelaces no one will say that they do not overdo it. Aesthetically correct, for whoever invented it.

Cordones rojos brillantes para vestirse por los pies

Passion starts on the outside

The bright red shoelaces are the most sensual of Sliwils. Today will be a long night...

Dress your feet with Sliwils laces!

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